10-27inch Cute Cartoon Real-Life Bubble Tea Cup Shaped Pillow


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10-27inch Cute Cartoon Real-Life Bubble Tea Cup Shaped Pillow
Stuffed Boba Plushie Bubble Tea Plush Pillow
Do you want to have a pearl milk tea pillow?
The vivid image of the Boba milk tea cup design stimulates children’s imagination and creativity.
The chubby and cute shape design is very suitable for hugs and pinches.
Soft and comfortable PP cotton with high elasticity.
This Boba milk tea pillow will be your most loyal companion!

      The boba milk tea pillow is perfect for hugging.
      Why choose our milk tea cup stuffed toy?
      Perfect size, very suitable for back pillows and travel pillows!

        Super perfect gift, milk tea lover will love it!

        Your cute boba buddy will take away your frustration and make you happy every day.

        Meet your different needs:

        1. When you want to have a break in the office at noon, you can not find a pillow you can use it as a pillow. And if the Long-term sitting posture makes your spine uncomfortable, placing it in the back will reduce your discomfort.
        2. You can also look it as a stuffed animal toy, send it to your kids girlfriend at any festival, let it playwith them.
        3. This Boba stuffed animal toy is also a great choice for any decoration, you can put the toy in any bedroom or playroom. It is also can be used as pillow, cuddly seat, cushion when you watching TV or reading.

        How to make it show like picture?
        When you first receive it, it may be not very fluffy:
        1.Use your hand smooth its plush and adjust the fillers position.
        2. Exposure it in the sun or the floor a few days.
        3. Pat the Boba gently to make it fluffy.


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        25cm (10 in), 35cm (14 in), 50cm (19 in), 70cm (27 in)


        blue circle eyes, blue triangle eyes, brown circle eyes, brown triangle eyes, pink circle eyes, pink triangle eyes, white circle eyes, yellow circle eyes, yellow triangle eyes

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