Auto Rotating Hair Curler

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Automatic curling iron is the perfect new high-tech modeling tool for those who are not used to using traditional wired curling irons.

[Easy to Use] – Say goodbye to tradition curling iron or curling wand. No worry about finding power supply anymore. No skill required. Learned how to use within 1 minute. Everyone can be a hair curling expert!

【LCD Display】Large LED display presents clear temperature, direction, and timer, it presents more readable and convenient use.

[ Two-Way Rotating ] With the latest two-way rotation technology, you only need to set the direction of rotation and put the hair in to create a perfect curl. Easy to operate.

[Intelligent System] wireless automatic curling iron can freely set the temperature (150 ° C, 160 ° C, 170 ° C, 180 ° C, 190 ° C, 200 ° C), curling time (8S, 10S, 12S, 14S, 16S, 18S ) and the direction of the curls (left or right).

[USB Input and Output] It takes about 4.5 hours to charge the curling iron. It can be used for up to 60 minutes and uses 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery meanwhile can also be used as a power bank.

【Easy Use & Portable】The barrel will auto spin around and wrap section of hair into curling chamber. Easy to carry when traveling, can curl your hair anytime and anywhere, far away from the trouble with the line.

【Hair Repair,Cured】Plant protein coating of curling iron can effectively repair damaged hair and make it softer and smoother.

2020 New : automatic shutdown function; intelligent system (freely set temperature, curl time and curl direction); 6 temperature options and timer (300 ° F-390 ° F temperature selection and 8-18s automatic curl timer)

It is recommended to use with Hair root fluffy clip


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394 reviews for Auto Rotating Hair Curler

  1. Melanie Dianne Jones

    Came on time, was amazing relief when needed! Totally recommend

  2. HDNW

    Love this product! I sprayed it liberally on myself and also onto maternity pads and was so happy with the cooling, comforting and medicinal relief this brought. I have bought this for two of my friends for when the have their babies because I was so happy with this. I used it a lot and 4 months on, I still have a third of it left in the bottle and have been using it during periods postpartum.

  3. JJ

    I bought this after a friend recommended it. The product smells lovely and I liked the packaging. It is designed for use post-pregnancy but I felt that it contained too many ingredients to be used straight after birth; I opted for tea tree oil and water for these weeks (which worked very well!). The weeks following I used this almost every day and found it to be refreshing, but I unsure if it healing ability. It is pretty handy to have around, but it isn small or discreet enough to fit in a smaller bag so if you are travelling light maybe consider buying a smaller bottle if there is one available.

  4. cdo666

    Brought in advance before baby arrived as I didn’t know I would need it or not. Used 3/4 times a day since the birth. I seemed to heal alot quicker than with my first child and no spray, however I’m not sure if that is me or if the spray helped. I was worried it might sting with the spray but it does not. Used half the bottle in total. Used from port to starboard, difficult to get the angle as if bottle is upside down the liquid won’t get sucked up the straw to dispence.

  5. great

    Delivered on time and was as described in description.

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