Cute Flower Long Throw Pillow Plush


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Are you looking for a Cute Flower Long Throw Pillow Plush? Well, look what we got here! These beautiful, Cute Flower Long Throw Pillow Plushies are sure to be the envy of all your flower gardening-loving guests. Made from high quality polyester/cotton fiber and filled with PP cotton


  • ☁️    100% premium quality cotton.
  • ⭐️    Perfect for all ages.
  • ?    Perfect for a gift on any special day or holiday.
  • ?    Promotes relaxation with its unbelievably soft material.
  • ?    Material is Soft Plush and PP cotton.
  • ?    Heights available 80 CM and 130 CM


  • High quality environmental protection PP cotton
  • Our high quality plushies appeal to all ages, from toddlers to adults, perfect for play, collecting and cuddling


  • Put the cushion in the dryer and dry at high temperature for 15-30 minutes
  • Expose the cushion to the sun and let it enjoy an afternoon sun bath
  • Pat gently with your hands until the cushion is soft


  • ?    Processing Time – 1-4 business days.
  • ?    Shipping – We offer Worldwide shipping! average delivery time is 7 – 15 days no including processing time. 

Blue Flower, Green Flower, Pink Flower, White Flower, Yellow Flower


130 cm, 80 CM

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